Welcome to ISH School

This library of courses will continue to grow to include topics to support and empower a joyful life.....

Topics such as Functional Medicine, Food & Spirit™, Gut health, Healing in Community, Sexual Health, Cultivating Joy, Food and Mood, Food prep, recipes and more......

My goal at Integrated Spectrum of Health is to support you on your path to optimal health.

One of the best ways to support you is to teach you the WHAT, HOW and WHY about your body and its function. 

Learning empowers you to take action steps toward health transformation, a clear path to optimal wellness. 

Hi, I’m Lynn Joselyn


I am passionate about integrated whole person health. I am a lifelong learner, and continue to seek truth in healing and how to live a more joyful life. I love to teach others and share ways to live a joyful life full of vitality!

I invite you to embody a JOYFUL life full of vitality, connection and wellness.

Here's to Health Transformation!

See you in the classroom!